A State of Balance (Transience)A State of Balance (Transience)A State of Balance (in an Unbalanced Time)A State of Balance (Cape Cod Blues)A State of Balance (Cape Cod Blues)
States of Balance Series
The States of Balance series address the creative, spiritual, and emotional aspects inherent in the artistic process. How is balance attained in our busy, complex, fast-paced world? These collages and drawings emerged after an intensive week-long workshop in collage at Bennington College. I had been using mylar stencils as a printmaking tool to resist ink for many years, but after this workshop I began to use them instead as collage elements as well.
Here it was necessary for me to compose the piece first, carefully tracing the compositions in order to make an accurate record of where to adhere the shapes later. Afterward, I felt that these diagrammatic drawings, originally intended to aid in the collage process, were also finished works themself.